Nothing transforms a mood, an occasion or a space quite like flowers…

But fresh flowers can be pricey. In the warm weather, delicate flowers might droop or wilt. In the colder months, flowers can freeze. Floral scents delight many, but for allergy sufferers florals might mean a night of sneezing. And the worst part of the struggle is that your beautiful florals will eventually die or more likely end up in the trash when your event ends.

While we love fresh flowers, we think it’s time there was a better solution to get the flower arrangements of your dreams.

At Velvet Botanicals, we’ll work with you to create custom, faux floral arrangements to rent for your special day. We offer high quality, hand curated faux florals that will let you have the flowers you want with a price tag that won’t make you want to forgo flowers altogether. The best part? Your guests probably won’t notice the difference.

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We believe in total pricing transparency and in paying forward any discounts we might receive on our end. Included in all of our pricing tiers is the cost of labor, day of delivery and setup fees, and a small rental fee.


Centerpieces — $20/ea

Bridal Bouquet — $40/ea


Centerpieces — $40/ea

Bridal Bouquet — $60/ea


Centerpieces — $60/ea

Bridal Bouquet — $80/ea

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We’re primarily able to service weddings and events in the Hudson Valley and Catskills, but we might be able to accomodate you depending on your location in New York.

If you’d like to meet with us, we welcome your visit by appointment only.